Self care

You may hear this term and think what is self care? To me self care is about looking after yourself and making sure you regularly take time to do things that you enjoy. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught in a placement/uni and sleep cycle with very little else. It’s important to take time for yourself to recharge and refresh. How can we look after our patients if we don’t look after ourselves first? Here are the things I do for self care 😊

  1. I try to have one day a week where I have no plans and can just relax, catching up on tv or reading a book. This is not always easy around uni/placement/work but I usually have at least an afternoon off.
  2. Taking a long soak in a hot bath with a face mask on. I like to do this as it relaxes me and helps me to destress.
  3. I like to have at least 6 hours sleep on a night as I feel rubbish throughout the next day if I don’t. If I can have more than I do as it gives my body that extra bit of rest!
  4. You are not being selfish if you recognise that you need a day to yourself or you just can’t reply to that text/email right now. There is nothing wrong with taking time out to care for your mental wellbeing, sometimes you need the time away to concentrate on you. Don’t feel guilty if you need to rearrange plans or you turn your phone off for an hour.
  5. Step away from social media. This can sometimes be easier said than done, but even if you just ‘mute’ negative people it can have a positive effect on your social media time and your outlook.
  6. Calling a friend for a quick chat. It really helps to know that support network is there. Talking about things other than uni/placement helps to take my mind off any worries I have as well.
  7. Making plans for the months ahead. I always feel better if I have something to look forward to that isn’t uni/placement. D7B5D714-7624-4A8F-B55F-9F8CB9C4AF06I have a Harry Potter Studios tour, live WWE wrestling show and a live autopsy booked in already for this year 😊.
  8. I enjoy exercise (even though lately I haven’t done enough of it!), it really helps to brighten my mood and makes me feel more energetic afterwards. It is also a good destresser.
  9. Music. I love listening to music and Spotify has been a lifesaver. From cheesy 80s dance to pop punk, there is something on there for every mood.
  10. Gin. Gin is always the best part of self care. Cheers!




T x

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