Common Abbreviations

The ward I am currently at on placement uses a number of abbreviations on the handover sheet, as I’m sure other wards do as well. I have compiled a list of the most common ones used on my ward. Please be aware that these are specific to my ward and other wards may use the same abbreviations with different meanings.

Ad – admitted

CP – care plan

rv – review

bd – twice a day

inc – incontinent

ref – referred

res – residential

NA – nursing assessment

CCC – continuing care checklist

DC – discharge

TTO – to take out. Used to describe medications that the patient will be taking with them on discharge.

HTN – hypertension

CCF – congestive cardiac failure. Also known as CHF – chronic heart failure

CVA – Cerebrovascular accident also known as a stroke

TIA – Transient ischemic attack – a ‘mini-stroke’

ND/F – normal diet and fluid

TVN – tissue viability nurse

#NOF – fracture neck of femur

AKI – acute kidney injury

LRTI – Lower respiratory tract infection

ROT – rotunda

WZF – walking zimmer frame

PMH – past medical history

HF – heart failure

CKD – chronic kidney disease

Con – continent

RA – rheumatoid arthritis

MI – myocardial infarction

CP – care package

PE – pulmonary embolism

DVT – Deep vein thrombosis

FBC – fluid balance chart

DPM – discharge planning meeting

GORD – gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

SOB – shortness of breath

Ax – assessment

3WW – 3 wheeled walker

TBA – to be assessed

HV – home visit

Abx – antibiotics

POA – power of attorney

Let me know if your placement uses the same abbreviation for something else!


T x


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