My 2018 goals

3 days into 2018 and I finally have the chance to do this post! I’ve set myself a few goals for the following year, a couple of which centre around self care (something I am guilty of neglecting more than once in 2017 🙈).

⭐️ I have always loved reading and find it a good way to relax. I have set myself the goal of reading 52 books in 2018, I have a bookshelf full of books I just haven’t had chance to read yet so I’m hoping to get through all of those. I have downloaded the Goodreads app to keep track of the books I’ve read and want to read. These are the books I purchased over Christmas:



⭐️ Every day in January on Twitter, I will be posting something that has made me feel positive that day. I can often focus on the negative feelings around situations instead of concentrating on the positive ones. I’m hoping by doing this post everyday it will encourage me to be more positive about things. I’ll be using #Januarypositivity to collect my posts together if you’d like to follow them!

⭐️ In February, first year comes to an end. My goal regarding this is to pass my first year hub placement which then allows me to progress into second year. I received good feedback at my mid-point interview so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a pass 🤞🏻

⭐️ During first year, I received grades of 70% and above on all my assignments. I’m hoping to continue this throughout second year when the grades start to count towards my degree classification. I’ve heard some horror stories about second year from other student nurses but I’m looking forward to being back at uni and starting some new modules.

⭐️ I plan to take more time for me this year, I am guilty of putting uni and work first, often working more hours than I should around university. I find it difficult to switch off from uni/work and 10 months in I still don’t have the work/uni/life balance sorted 🙈 I have a brilliant partner who is very supportive but I sometimes feel that I neglect him for uni/work so I want to make more time for him throughout 2018 as well.

⭐️ I love following the slimming world plan and find it fits in well with uni/placement so I’m hoping to lose at least 4st following the plan throughout 2018.

⭐️ I often find people take advantage of my kindness and willingness to help, I want to make more time for the friends who make the effort with me and rid myself of some of the ‘toxic’ friendships I have encountered in 2017.  2018 will be the year that I learn to say no and treat people the way that they treat me.


Let me know what your 2018 goals are ❤️


T x

2 thoughts on “My 2018 goals

  1. Hello fellow student!! Best of luck going into your second year. 70% plus, on all assignments is quite an achievement! Get that work/life balance sorted as you say and you will be fine…..i am guilty of going the opposite way and relaxing too much!

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