Missing placement

Hi guys!

So this week I’m having to miss a week of placement attendance. On the way home from a night shift last week my car gave up on the motorway and I had to ring the AA! After a few hours in the garage to determine the problem, I was informed I would be without my car for at least a week. Not the best news considering it would only be my second week back on placement. The worry set in and I considered that I may lose my place on the course due to this. Silly now I look back but it was on my mind at the time.

I rang the programme lead at university and I cannot fault how supportive she was! She really put my mind at ease and assured me that I wouldn’t have to leave the programme at all. With my placement being 45 miles away from my house, public transport really wasn’t a feasible option as it would take me nearly 3 hours each way so the advice was to be absent for the week as I have plenty of time to make my hours up. I stopped worrying a little bit then about university but was anxious around phoning placement.

I rang placement shortly after and they were absolutely fine! They put my mind at ease again and I assured them that I would work with my mentor when I returned to make my hours back up through my remaining placement time.

If you ever have a situation where you may need to miss placement hours for whatever reason, do not panic! Be honest and open with your university and they will support you in any way that they can. I can only speak for my placement area as they have been fantastic but I’m sure that many others would be just as supportive and will help you if you show that you will work to make the hours back up as and when you can!

I’m hoping to have my car back this weekend so placement can resume next week.

Let me know of any experiences you’ve had missing placement for whatever reasons!


T x

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