Curating @nursingSUni

From Monday 29th May 2017, I curated the @nursingSUni twitter account. Curating is logging into an account and tweeting for a period of time. The account is a partnership between academic staff and nursing students. You can be a student at any university across the country, it does not have to be Salford and you are supported by Wendy Sinclair (@wlasinclair) and Moira McLoughlin (@levylass) throughout. They are in the background all week should you need any advice or guidance.


I found the opportunity through twitter and decided to apply. To apply all you need to do is message the account and go from there. You can pick the week you would like to curate and the weeks run from 7:00am Monday to 6:59am the following Monday. It is a fantastic opportunity that allows you to interact with a wide range of people, other student nurses interacted with me and were curious about how my uni did things differently to theirs. I followed these students so I now have a good network of student nurses/midwives on twitter, although I am always looking to finding more 😊 I also interacted with qualified healthcare professionals who gave me some great advice about my future career goals.

In the days leading up to my week, I was emailed my username and password for the account and some advice on what/what not to tweet about. There are minimal restrictions on what you can tweet about, however all tweets must stay within the NMC social media code and should be relevant to being a student nurse. I refrained from posting or retweeting anything containing political views, especially as it was the week before the general election and there was a lot of political talk on twitter. I tweeted about things such as what my day at uni consisted of, how I like to participate in self-care and also how I revise for exams. I just tweeted away as if I was on my own account but remained mindful that this was an university account and my tweets would reach a wider audience than on my own account. I also participated in a couple of We Nurses twitter chats whilst curating which were both relevant to me, one was around student self care and the other was about how to keep safe on social media.

I received some lovely feedback from my week on the account which I have included below. I thoroughly enjoyed my week and would love to do it again later on in the year when I have completed a few blocks on placement and feel like I have more experience to talk about.



If anyone would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact me @flamingcopper or the university account @nursingSUni!


T x

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