Its official!

I can now officially call myself a student nurse! I am in the March 2017 cohort so my academic year runs from March – February and I will hopefully qualify in March 2020. Here is a recap of my first week as a student nurse.

Monday – I won’t lie, Monday morning I was terrified. I’m not the best at meeting new people, I’m quite shy until you know me so I can come across as quiet. I probably have the same worries everyone else had: will people like me, will I make a fool of myself, can I even do this 😬 It’s handy that I’m starting with three friends but it has been a slight disadvantage too, as it meant I didn’t have to force myself to talk to other people because I already had someone to talk to. We did chat to a few ladies outside and we did an ice breaker where we had to speak to others that we didn’t know.

Tuesday – We spent the Tuesday morning session meeting some more lecturers and other people who work around the university. Four students from year 2 and year 3 came in for a quick chat so we were able to ask them questions about the course and placement, which was very helpful and allowed us to get a better perspective of the three years ahead. We attended the freshers fair in the afternoon, there were representatives from RCN and Unison amongst others. I would recommend attending yours as there are a few freebies to get your hands on. It’s a great way to ask questions and find lots of things out about the different organisations you can join too.

Wednesday – The morning consisted of a meeting with Occupational Health who explained the vaccination procedures and when we would be having these. In the afternoon, we enrolled! This is a very important part of the first week as this confirms you have attended the course so any bursary/student loan can be processed and paid 😊 This usually takes around 10 working days from university confirmation so try to save a little money before starting to get you through the first 2/3 weeks.

Thursday – Uniform fitting 😁 It still didn’t really feel real for me until I was trying the uniform on and I looked in the mirror. ‘Blimey, you’re actually here! You are actually going to be a student nurse’

Everyone that I have chatted to this week seems lovely and I think we are going to be a great cohort full of success stories! The actual fun starts next week when lectures begin, I am excited to start learning and revising for tests (Yes I know I’m a little bit strange 😂)

Let me know how your first weeks have been.

T x


2 thoughts on “Its official!

  1. Hey! Just having a quick read of your blog and so happy you’re excited to be a student nurse! I’m in my final year now, just waiting for dissertation results (which is absolute stress) and then going on to management placement! It’s all so unreal, can’t believe how quickly it has gone!!

    Just dropping a message to say good luck and enjoy it, it’s been the best (and possibly toughest) experience of my life, and it’s so worth it!

    Much love,

    Meg xx

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