1 year down, 3 to go!

Today has been the last day of my year-long Access course. I feel very emotional writing this little recap 😪 I’ve met some fantastic people through this course and I cannot wait to see us all succeed in our chosen career paths. We have already planned a reunion for when we all graduate lol!

I started the course in January and I had to attend every Monday & Tuesday with a break over summer. It was funded through a 24+ loan from Student Finance England, although this will be wiped from my overall student debt once graduating from university. We moved college sites after summer which was a little disruptive but we managed to get settled at the new site (the free parking was a bonus too!)

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to go to university who hasn’t been in education for a while, it teaches you useful skills that you can then take onto university. My course was called Access to Health Science Professions Level 3, the name differs slightly depending on which college you attend but they all provide you with enough points for UCAS applications. Each university has different conditions for entry onto their courses, it is worth looking around a few different universities that offer the course you are interested in. For example, Sheffield Hallam university were asking for 15 distinctions for Adult Nursing 2017 entry, whereas Derby university were asking for 24 merits for Adult Nursing 2017 entry. Child and Mental Health nursing have different entry conditions. Most universities will also require a maths & English GCSE at C or above. I would definitely recommend attending as many open days as you can as well, these can change your mind completely about which university would be your first choice.

The access assignments are graded as pass, merit or distinction. I was offered a conditional offer based on achieving 24 merits and passing the course overall.

These are the units I completed, most were worth 3 credits except Research which was for 6 credits.

  • Cell Biology
  • Cellular Transport
  • Nutrition & Digestion
  • DNA & Protein Synthesis
  • Enzymes
  • Endocrine
  • Nervous system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Genetics
  • Reproduction
  • Psychological Disorders and Therapeutic Strategies
  • Child Development
  • Health & Disease
  • Research – on a topic of our choosing. I chose people’s attitudes towards death due to wanting to specialise in palliative care

We finished the course with 60 credits (45 from above and 15 ungraded from study skills). I finished the course with 42 distinctions and 3 merits 😊

I have learnt from the year that I need to stop being so critical of myself and should believe in my own abilities more than I do right now. When I first started I did not believe that I would even manage to gain 3 distinctions and I still can’t actually believe how I have managed to finish with the grades I have. I also need to stop being stubborn around asking for help, my problem is that I don’t want to feel as if I am bothering the tutors (even though this is what they are there for 😂), this is positive feedback though that I can use to improve myself throughout university.

Any questions about access courses or applying for university, I am more than happy to help 😊 I can also recommend the Student Room website, there is a nursing & midwifery section on there and I have found it so helpful.


T x

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