Welcome to my first blog post! I want to try and use this blog to capture my thoughts and feelings throughout my three years at university. I am so excited for the next three years but it is also the scariest thing I have ever decided to undertake.

So……a little bit about me. I am Toni and come from a little town in South Yorkshire called Doncaster. I am currently in the final weeks of an access course to enable me to gain the UCAS points needed for university applications. I applied to Derby university in June 2016 and was lucky enough to be offered a place at their Chesterfield campus, starting in March 2017. This is the last cohort able to use the NHS bursary before they are stopped in August 2017. I have three friends who applied with me and will be starting the same course at Chesterfield so we will all have a great support network already in place for when things get tough 😊



I have around 6 years care experience which is broken into:

  • 8 months domiciliary care – supporting people in their own homes with meals, medication, shopping and personal care
  • 2.5 years in a residential care home – supporting people in the first stages of dementia with their everyday living, I was also promoted to senior carer here so had to deal with medication rounds including controlled drugs
  • 2 years in a nursing home – caring for people within the final stages of dementia, a lot were aggressive and I dealt with a lot of challenging behaviour. I was promoted to supervisor here as well, there was minimal medication work due to the presence of nurses but the role was to assist the nurse with the running of the shift and to delegate jobs to other staff members. I also experienced palliative care and developed an interest in how to make an individuals final days as comfortable and peaceful as possible
  • 1 year supporting people with learning disabilities – I assist with everyday tasks and help to to socialise with friends. This was something completely alien to me as I had no prior experience with young people and learning difficulties, and whilst I do not find it as challenging as dementia care, I thoroughly enjoy every day and sometimes it doesn’t even feel like a job!

I feel that I would like to specialise in cancer palliative care in my future career but this may change once I have completed a few placements, I could find an area that I feel I would be more suited to.

Thank you for joining me here and I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I am hoping to!



T x

4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Congrats! I go to derby uni too but the kedleston road campus! I wish I’d started blogging when I first started uni. Good luck and I look forward to reading your posts 🙂 Lilli x

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